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Online Casino Advantages

The choice between “Online Casino” and “Local Casino” is like the choice between TV and cinema. Despite obvious differences, both media are highly compatible and complement each other. Online casinos are well positioned for the long term due to their ever-growing popularity. The land-based operators can no longer be sure because the transition from one online to another leads to rapid and profound changes. But these are probably the future of the gambling business.

As a result, virtual reality becomes business reality. For some, virtualization is a flip side of success (in our case, local businesses are more vulnerable to crises) and others (online casino owners willing to close the market gap) are successful. It enables further scalability so that it can now be assumed that the global Internet population will sooner rather than later grow beyond the experience of traditional casinos. Given this inevitable trend, gambling will never be the same again.

The business side of online gambling is even more fascinating. Compared to the traditional land-based casino, an online casino offers superior advantages in terms of instant accessibility, graphics potential, game variation, low operating costs and better audience involvement.

In this article, we highlighted the key benefits of online casinos that outshine casinos.


Undoubtedly, the online gambling sphere is getting bigger and better in terms of size and quality. This form of gambling is already generating revenues of 13 billion euros, which represents 15% of the European gambling market and a significantly higher return. According to Statista, one of the leading statistics portals for marketing data, the size of the online gaming market would amount to € 43.35 billion and grow to € 52.98 billion by 2018. People continue to adopt modern technologies as online leisure activities.


The online casino proved to be much more accessible than its local counterpart. Places there are often tight and the pace can be overly hectic. With online casinos, this is absolutely impossible: no hurried policies, no gaming restrictions, less distractions and instant access during the day or night.

The expectations of modern players are high. A new generation of gambling fans is being approached by the casino rather than by themselves. Considering that Vegas is still almost unattainable, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that with poor local accessibility, it is a great loss for both parties: fans and casino owners.

Normally there is enough room for everyone on the virtual Blackjack table. You also have all the time in the world to try every slot machine and avoid long queues. Winning a jackpot and enjoying the relaxed atmosphere at the same time – if only possible in real casinos.

Low operating costs

Most local casinos are faced with three huge expenses: License fees, start-up and software expenses. The importance of carefully selected software cannot be overestimated. It supports the management of all operational activities, including general website activities, account management, payment processing and marketing campaigns.

The online casino business requires less start-up costs compared to opening a local business, maintenance fees are also reduced to the bare minimum, and software can be sourced in two ways: It can be developed from scratch or delivered by leading turnkey casino vendors.

Having low overhead costs is quite common in online casino projects and understandably so. Ultimately, online casino platforms offer game content including management system. Land based casinos tend to have higher operating expenses as there is no choice but to employ dealers and staff, buy gaming tables and install slot machines, buy an entire building to accommodate and integrate missing casino elements. Not to mention bar/restaurant area management.

Fast promotion and tracking functions

It takes forever to market a new brick and mortar casino. Building a reputation is one thing, maintaining it is another. Offline companies can hardly keep up with the flow of digital information: They are limited to tracking the gaming activity (and revenue) of the audience, limited to the

Mobile friendly zone

Mixing desktop and standalone mobile casino games is a good choice for optimization. Local casinos face obstacles in integrating technology: Mobile platform support or tablet solutions cannot be implemented immediately. In contrast to online casinos, which can offer a complete mobile gaming experience.

No dress code

Participation in an online casino is a special dress code option as a participant is not subject to any snobbish judgment or is critically judged by other players. Customers can wear whatever they want. Without having to worry about whether they are properly dressed. All in all, the search for appropriateness has no place in the online casino.

Options for multiple currencies

Unlike a land-based casino, online casinos welcome multiple currencies. This makes it possible to avoid currency conversion fees and buy credits in the preferred currency.

Supporting environment

Online casinos are expected to provide chat support and 24/7 customer service to provide detailed instructions, explain betting rules and limit gaming specific terminology. A land-based casino typically relies on brief instructions.

In summary, the online casino clearly outperforms its local competitors for the above reasons. The online version always wins the comparison and SoftGamings invites you to dive into the virtual world before it’s too late. We’ll help you make your casino the next industry leader.

Luck on the Net: Online Casinos and Land-based Casinos in Comparison

A new game trend has been conquering the online world for several years now. It’s not just about mastering level after level, but also about winning one or two talers: Online casinos are becoming increasingly popular. It’s understandable that more and more commercials about various virtual gambling houses are now being shown on television. But what makes this virtual world so attractive? And are they really better than regular gaming halls? This article clarifies.

Always ready

For online casinos, the same applies as for online trading: One of the biggest advantages is that they are open and retrievable at any time of the day. Do you feel like playing a small round of live roulette in the middle of the night? No problem – online casinos fulfill this wish. Or would you like to gamble on Monday mornings while on holiday? That’s what online casinos like LeoVegas Casino are for. Particularly progressive online casinos have even developed apps with which users can try their luck to their heart’s content from any mobile device. One thing is certain: land-based gaming halls with their closing times and their connection to one location cannot offer such great flexibility as online casinos.


Play at your leisure

Some like the glitter and glamour that surrounds the casino world in Las Vegas. They enjoy interacting with other players and enjoy seeing and being seen to the full. But not everyone is comfortable with this show-jumping. Some just want to place their bets without having to worry about a special dress code or interact with other people. Online casinos are perfect for these users. They can play roulette, blackjack or slots from the comfortable sofa in the living room and – if they want – click their way out of the action again with just a few clicks. This is a real labyrinth, especially for introverts.