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Tipster’s Competition Overview – Purpose and Types of Competitions

Tipster’s Competition Overview – Purpose and Types of Competitions

Tipster competitions are a strong part in every online betting tips website. It is a way for the website to give their thanks back to those who take the time to leave tips for the benefit of others.

Tipsters take a great deal of time and require skill to give great tips to these sites. Without tippers, betting tip sites wouldn’t exist. To shed some light on the subject, I’ll explain the purpose of tipster’s competitions as well as the typical types of competition that each site has.

Let’s get right into it, shall we?

Goal of Tipster Competitions

One of the reasons is to keep the tipsters interested. If you want to keep the best tipsters coming to your website, you need to have a good incentive for them. Otherwise, you may just see your best tipsters going to help someone else out!

It’s also there to provide a competitive spark in the tipsters. One tends to do more than their best when a cash prize is up for grabs! A little friendly competition does wonders for work ethic.

Types of Tipster Competitions

Tipster of the Month

Tipster of the month means those who performed the best over the month. The idea is that you will submit your tips and earn as much profit as you can from them. Your profit from the first day to the last of the month will be tallied together. Whoever earned the most profit wins!

More than one person can win cash with this competition. Usually, the top ten highest tipsters will receive a reward. The top three or five prizes will be for cash, while the rest may be something else.

Tipster of the Year

Tipster of the year works much the same way as tipster of the month. The main difference, obviously, is that it takes a year to earn this reward. The competition is much fiercer because of this. You need to maintain a profit lead for the whole year to win it.

The advantage to this competition is that you get a much larger reward for it. Obviously, you can go for the monthly competition once a month and this one only once a year. However, the rewards are well worth the wait!

This one also allows up to ten people to win most of the time. It depends on the website you’re using, but most of them do follow this.

Mister Popular

Mister Popular isn’t a part of every website. It isn’t always called this either. The idea of this is to determine who’s the most popular tipster rather than the most profitable. To earn this reward, you need to publish and post about your work on social media instead.

You’d still need to submit enough tips to qualify, but the important part is how well you promote the site. This competition is massive and earns the company near-to free marketing rewards!

Every website has a different way of calling these things as well as different types of competitions. However, I think you’ll find that most if not all successful sites betting sites do have them. Visit Tipster Competitions for more information.

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